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Managed Indexes are the engine that drive the gains in Fixed Indexed Annuities. Below is an actual Managed Index that is attached to one of the over 30 Fixed Indexed Annuities our Approved Advisors are able to offer.

Actual Managed Index

(Without the Typical Predatory 1.5% ‘Managed Money’ Fees)


The Sectors of this Managed Index Index portfolio is chosen from a mix of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), providing exposure to the U.S. equity market, the fixed income market and cash.

Volatility Managed:

This Index is monitored on a daily basis, can be rebalanced if necessary, and will adjust its exposure to the index portfolio if actual volatility is higher or lower than the Index’s target volatility of 5% per year.

Dynamic Rebalancing

The Index rebalances into a new portfolio only when specific trigger conditions are met, allowing the Index to avoid unnecessary adjustments in less volatile markets while adjusting as often as daily when markets are more volatile.