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We Love Federal Employees!

We transform $2,000,000 Annuity Producers into $20,000,000 Annuity Super Stars

We offer annuity advisors, who in 2022 sold at least $1,750,000 in annuity premium, a unique opportunity to receive 25 pre-qualified appointments every week, with federal employees who have attended one of our Pre-Retirement Strategy Webinars.

These appointments are set by our in-house staff of 50 Appointment Setters (one will be assigned specifically for you) and at no cost to you whatsoever, as it is done on a 50%-50% Brokerage General Agent Level Revenue Share basis.

All sales are done remotely through the internet portals we built and never in person; we have been doing it this way for 23 years!

We also give Advisors, free of charge, a customized Landing Page, and eBook similar to this:

If you are interested in learning more, please complete our Program Participation Form

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